The Bump Maps

Thanks to this tutorial we will be able to use the Bump Maps of picture and noise type.

Tutorial File: 19.8Kb  
Add two Mathematical Sphere and arrange them into the Scene as the Figure shows.
Add a Material.
Reduce the Specular Value...
...and then reduce the Glossy Value.
Now we copy the Material...
...and rename the two materials as we see from the figure. Then we assign the Materials to the correspondent objects, moving the material icon on the object icon.
We select the material previously renamed "BumpMap", go on the Bump map properties and load the attached picture to the tutorial (directory Texture).
Modify the picture repetition number as the figure.
Now at the Material "Noise" set the Bump map type at "Noise".
Now we complicate the Noise material "apparance" and go to the General properties of the material. Modify the Noise type in "Fractal2"...
...and increase the Fractal value to 6.
Now we do a Preview in ZPhong modality.
But we want much more! Then we go on the Scene Options, active the Antialising and set the Adaptive threshold to "Medium".
Now render the Scene so, with a little of patient, we could obtain as a result the image as this one.