Animations Gallery

Download DivX codec here:

These animations are created using the Now3D scripting.

Sample File Size Type Description
1.31MB DivX 5 This cup of water has been rendered thanks to the new "Close surfaces distance" property.
0.98MB DivX 5 The Depth of Field (DoF).
1.14MB DivX 5 New Caustic video.
3.75MB DivX 5 See this new 41" Video to understand the HDR files potentiality.
Caustic3 Caustic3.avi 591KB DivX 4 Second caustic animation.
Caustic2 Caustic2.avi 649KB DivX 4 First caustic animation test.
It Seems work fine! :)
Glass1 Glass1.avi 796KB DivX 4 Animation test for testing the last refraction changes.
Diffuse1 Diffuse1.avi 388KB DivX 4 First animation test with the "Global Illumination" function enabled.

This is a review of the firsts animation test that I have obtained with Now3D, using the method step by step (As in the old Film FX). :-(

Sample File Size Type Description
TerraAnim1 AniPrefilter.avi 741KB DivX This is a new Material property Test for use the Ambiental Scene map.
Ippo Ani_Ippo.gif 195KB Gif This is a work made for a my friend's site.
Earth3 Earth3.avi 517KB DivX The Earth again.
RealisticWall RealisticWall.avi 266KB DivX Examples of the new ReflectMap.
EarthAnim2 EarthAnim2.avi 560KB DivX In order to make this animation I have used the last techniques of RayTracing.
AlfaRomeo Anim AlfaRomeo.gif 66KB Gif This is a work made for a my friend's site.
TerraAnim1 TerraAnim1.avi 677KB Avi This is the first animation where I used the Earth subject (only using the ZPhong)