Scene Properties

Options are the Scene Properties.

Below the Properties with the relative descriptions are listed :

Property Description
Bifilter Increases the Texture detail.
Antialiasing It creates a light blur effect
Back Color Background Color (only on the window of Preview)
BackGround Picture Insert an Background Picture (on the window of Preview)
Fog Enable the Fog
Fog Color Fog Color
Fog Distance Distance from which the Fog begins
Fog Intensity Fog Intensity
BoxView Possibility to visualize the Objects in the Views Top, Front and Right like Box
RayTracing Depth Detail of the Raytracing (To use in Reflecting or Transparent materials)
Shadow Enable the Shadows (only RayTracing)
Width Render RayTracing Width window
Height Render RayTracing Height window
Ambient Color Environment Color (I suggest to use it for scenes to the open)