Light Properties

The Lights are important members for the satisfactory scene render. Enough to use lights with various colors in order to notice one obvious transformation in the atmosphere of the scene.

Lights are display in all the windows. In the Preview view are not possible to move them or to rotate them. This is their rappresentation. That white is a Point light not selected, that yellow is one selected Spot light.

The Circle defines the position of the Light, and the line the irradiation direction.

Below the Properties with the relative descriptions are listed :

Property Description
Type Light Type
Intensity Intensity
Color Color
Spot Exponent In the case of Spot type Light is possible to define of how much must defer the intensity to the center of the cone of light regarding the intensity to the edges.
SpotCone Angle Amplitude Angle of the Cone type light.
Can Shadow Enable the Shadows from the actual light

The Lights are subdivided mainly in 3 Types :

Type Image of example Description
Point The Point light irradiates in all the directions in fair measure.
Spot Uniform The Spot Uniform light irradiates only in a direction and the intensity decrease with increasing of the irradiation angle.
Spot Cone The Spot Cone light irradiates only in a direction and is keeped to a data angle.

Last note: When the Preview FlatShading modality is used the light Movement and Rotation make the window comes refreshed in real time.