Object Properties

Objects are the entity that gives to shape to a Scene. One Object can be a Car that one simple Sphere. In Now3D the graphic even if some cases gives optimal turns out to you is much slower in the processing respect to other packets, therefore a refined dosage of number of polygons for object is advised.

Now3D manages single Objects forms you from polygons, than these they are imports to you with the N3DImport module or are Primitive, their management to the inside of the application does not change. They can be rotate, moves to you with the simple use of the Mouse. In the Top, Front and Right  windows use in all and the two cases the Left Button, in the Preview window the Left Button comes used for rotate and the Right Button in order to move. Naturally these actions can be only made the Object previously selected.

Below the Properties with the relative descriptions are listed :

Propriet� Descrizione
Name Object Name. Must be distinct for all the Scene and does not have to contain spaces
Color Color
Visible hidden polygon In the modalities Wireframe and ZPhong (transparent material case) visualizes also the hidden part of the Object.
Rotaz AngX Rotation regarding the axleX (in Degrees)
Rotaz AngY Rotation regarding the axleY (in Degrees)
Rotaz AngZ Rotation regarding the axle Z (in Degrees)
Size Factor Size Factor

Now3D renders 3 manifacturing modules of Objects available :