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3D Z-Design 3D, 3D science fiction, 3D
Welcome to Just3D the No.1 Resource for FREE 3D on the Web
***The Unofficial 3D Web Ring***
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3D World Builder: Next 5 Sites
Electronic Erotica Ring: Next 5 Sites
Jar-Jar's Official WebRing!
Rhino3D Ring
The Eye Candy Ring: Next 5 Sites
The New Game Programmer's Guild - Main Page
The Real3D Webring
Welcome to WebRing!
262 Useful Stuff
Advanced RenderMan Additional Materials -- Digital Beauty
COMP238 Assignment 3: Procedural Texturing
Digital Lighting Course: Image Gallery 1
Digital Lighting Course: Shader Gallery 1
Jake's Alias Bible
Karl Sims: Artifical Evolution for Computer Graphics
ParVis - Data shaders
Perlin Noise
Programmable Shading
Shader examples
Stanford Real-Time Programmable Shading Project
Stanford Real-Time Programmable Shading Project
the lightwave shades project
tSx Plug-ins3
Current Research on Shadows and Discontinuity Meshing
Deep Shadow Maps
Efficient Image-Based Methods for Rendering Soft Shadows
Efficient Radiosity Using Convolution
Fast Calculation of Soft Shadow Textures Using Convolution
Forward Shadow Mapping
Fun Fur Everyone!
Reviews 2
Shadow Generation Algorithms
The Discontinuity Meshing Page
1:250,000-scale Digital Elevation Models for North Carolina
3D CAFE(tm) by Platinum Pictures
3d Studio Max Textures
AAA Free Media Network
An Implementation of Heeger and Bergen's Texture Analysis/Synthesis Algorithm
AREA51a - Texture Database, get yours today!
ATI Technologies Inc. - World Leader in GRAPHICS ACCELERATION
Da Vedere con IExplorer
Db-Line: Scheda TrU-V (Intel)
dem hydro page
DI 3D Textures
Diard Software - Multimedia Software including Universe and several screen saver programs
Digimation - Kinetix' Preferred Plug-in Publisher
Directory listing of
Download Central for all Mountain High Maps Products
El Merko Loco's Free Web Page Background Warehouse
Free Daily Textures from Stardreamer Studios at Area51a
Free Texture Maps Page for rs3Art Studios and Robert Stein III - Oregon. E-mail is the largest high res texture site on the net
graphics resources - 3D modeling - graphic art - tv - film - special effects
Graphtallica: Texture Bank: Free Texture Database
human skin,snake,leopard,zebra textures for free download [virlux]
In the news - Michael Kaiser, Freelance Artist -
Infinity Textures Web Resource
Introducing Texture Mapping
Kurt Fleischer's Home Page
Lightsource - Lightwave Resource site
Mark Jeffers 3D Resources - Textures
News Release And Picture Archives, NASA Ames Research Center Public Affairs
Public Textures
RealTexture Search
Rendersoft Illusionae - 3D Texture Maker
Search Category - 3D Textures
Serious 3D
Stone Care International
Strike a Pose Textures
Texture - Database - OEW
Texture Algorithm
Texture Editor and Textures for Win95 PovRay
Texture Library
Texture Resources
Textures to The Max - high end 3d Materials libraries from the real world
Textures, Bump Maps, and Materials for 3d Max, Photoshop, Lightwave, True Space
Textures: Texture Map of the Week
Textures: Texture Map of the Week
The Physics Experiment
The RayTracing Hub of the Apocalypse
The Texture Studio
Thomas Leung's Perpendicular Texture Project
USGS TerraWeb: San Fransisco Bay DEM and Bathymetry
USGS: Geo Data DMA FileFormat
ZERO-ONE GALLERIES:Photographic data for texture mapping
Untitled Document
Instant UV
Instant UV Gallery
Mapping the sphere
Maya Shader Library
Perlin Noise Links
perspective texture mapping
Positron TrU-V Gallery
Procedural Texture Page
uv_mapping tutorials
Weathering Textures
First GOES-11 Sounder Visible Channel Images
GOES Project Science
GOES-10 visible test imagery
GOES-8 Results
Colored Infrared Earth Image
Composite Satellite Imagery
Doppler Radar
Earth Introduction
Earth Science Resources: Astronomy, Paleoclimate, Global Change & El Nino, Volcanoes, Oceanography
Earth Systems Education Real Time Information of the Earth
El Nino Home Page
GeoView - R:cocov:0:0:1:20000510:3
Index of /pub/catalogs/
Lecture Summary ATMOS 100 Section B - Monday, March 9
NASA Earth Observatory
Satellite Meteorology: online remote sensing guide
Satellite Oceanography Laboratory
3.11. Mapping.
3D Atlas Online Home
Amazing Map Collections - MAPS.COM
Atmosphere Internet Sites
AVHRR 10-day composite
Bemaco Marketing Maps
Cartography maps & GIS Resources: Commercial
DLGV32 DLG-O Viewing Software
Earth Viewer
EarthShots - Relief world maps in 250 styles and effects
Formenti's links: WORLD
Global Mapping Homepage by ISCGM
Goddard DAAC FTP site
GRID-Geneva Homepage
International maps, wall maps, globes, custom mapping, antique maps, topo maps, travel maps, atlases, computer mapping s
Links to Global Land Cover Resources: Global
Maps & Mapping
Maps and Atlases
Maps, Maps, and more Maps (and some references)
SSEC - Real-Time Data and Satellite Images
The GLOBE Program: Welcome
World of Maps - Main Page
How to Use POV-Ray's Wood Texture
Procedural Textures Course Page
Planet Map
EI:Special:Global Climate Maps
Global Composite Weather Satellite Infrared Pictures from NASA GHCC
Otson Information Superhighway
SSEC - Real-Time Data and Satellite Images
SSEC - Satellite Composite Images
Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
Nighttime Lights
3G on W3: The Great Globe Gallery on the World Wide Web
AVHRR Land and LANDSAT images
Digital Earth
Earth Bump Map Good!
Earth Images Collection - Planetary Visions Limited
Earth Map ARC Science Simulations Web Site
Earth Map Gallery: Satellite Images & City Maps by e-mail, on CD, royalty-free
Earth Picture List
EarthShots - Relief world maps in 250 styles and effects
Face of The Earth
One Degree Land Cover Map Derived From AVHRR Data
Planet Earth
Planet Rendering
Textures & noise functions
The Earth without clouds
TruEarth by TerraMetrics, Inc.
TSS Photo of the Day
Visible Earth Browse: Regions > Global Page 1
Whole-Earth Images
World Vegetation Map Documentation
Home Page for HST Mars Image Gallery
Mars - Mola 3D Map
Material Librarys
3-D Starmaps
3D planetary maps and data
ARC Science Simulations Web Site
Bj�rn J�nsson's homepage: Planetary maps, space renderings and POV-Ray stuff
Envision Computer Graphics.
Index of /~nholmes/planets
Jules Verne Voyager: Information Sources
Maps of the Solar System
OpenUniverse: A Free Space Simulator
Planet MAP
Planetary Image Maps
Planetary Maps
Planetary maps
Planetary Textures for model construction
Ssystem: OpenGL Solar System Simulator
Ssystem: OpenGL Solar System Simulator
Textures Planets
The Raytracing Hub Of The Apocalypse
Topographic Map of the Moon
Xglobe/Xplanet Maps