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A Fast and Accurate Light Reflection Model
ART - Gallery
Comparison of two Methods / Overview of Monte Carlo algorithm
CS184 Lecture 34 summary
CS684: Advanced Ray Tracing
Debevec PhD Thesis: Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs
Global Illumination
Image-Based Reflections
LEDALITE LIBRARY: Computer Graphics and Image Synthesis
Martini Spa Illuminazione - Moonlite Progettazione Illuminotecnica Realt� Virtuale
MegaPov radiosity test
MSc Thesis, SPORT
Progressive Radiance Evaluation
Progressive radiosity animation
Radiosity - Ray Tracing
Radiosity Image Gallery
Radiosity in trueSpace
Radiosity Lighting
RenderPark: a photorealistic rendering tool
Research results (F. Sillion): Hierarchical radiosity and clustering
Rui Bastos - Radiosity
The RADIANCE Lighting Simulation and Rendering System
Waoh ! Wooo ! And all sorts of things like this...
Antialiasing and Raytracing
Antialiasing Digital Images
AntiAliasing Techniques
CSC 418/2504: Local Illumination Models
Lafortune BRDF for RenderMan
Measuring and Modeling Anisotropic Reflection
Ward's Anisotropic BRDF
6.837 - Graphics Tools
A Fast and Accurate Light Reflection Model
A Microfacet-based BRDF Generator
A Practitioner's Assessment of Light Reflection Models
A Survey of BRDF Representation for Computer Graphics
Advanced RenderMan Additional Materials
An Image based Measurement System for Anisotropic Reflection
Anisotropic Reflections in OpenGL
AVHRR/BRDF Applications : Methods
BRDF Database - Homepage
BRDF intro Page
BRDF Links
BRDF related information
BRDF Research at Boston University
BRDF research page
bv - a BRDF browser
Compiling the BRDF into the Reflectance Map
Computer Graphics "Reflection Models"
CUReT Columbia Utrecht Database
Data Set Document Name
Dielectric Reflectors
Gareth Roberts' Homepage
Hardware Rendering with Bidirectional Reflectances
Illuminating Image-based Objects
Image Gallery: Stephen H. Westin
Implementation of bidirectional ray tracing algorithm
Light Reflection Models
Lighting Techniques
Local illumination (part II)
Measurement Data
MGF Parser and Examples
NEFDS: Nonconventional Exploitation Factors Data Systems
New Simple Reflectance Models for Metals and other Specular Materia ls
NIST Appearance Research
NIST BRDF Measurements Rendered using Radiance
ORA - News Items
PEARL - Design of Optically Complex Paint Coatings
Ph. D. dissertation of Jean-Paul Van Gestel; Acknowledgements
Physically Accurate Lighting Simulation in Computer Graphics Software
PIERS 2000: Technical Program
Reflection from Layered Surfaces due to Subsurface Scattering
Reflection Maps
STARR Facility
Stephen H. Westin
ZEMAX Optical Design Program - software overview
A Realistic Camera Model for Computer Graphics
IEEE-1394 Digital Camera Windows Driver - Main
Simulating Depth of Field Blurring
Displacement Mapping
Geometry Caching for Ray-Tracing Displacement Maps
gi98 paper
3D Object Intersection
Proto HTML
Non Photorealistic
Game Developer Magazine Companion Source Page
Illumination and Reflection Maps
Jan Kautz- Research Topics
Reflection Mapping History
6.6 Trasparenza
Index of Refraction
Raytracing in Photoshop
Refraction & Extinction Simulations
Refraction - Table of Contents
CG351-551 Raytracing: Algorithm for 3DDDA.
Line-Drawing Algorithms
Project: 2D & 3D Graphics Packages
Ray casting
WASTE - Bresenham's Line Algorithm
Space Subdivision
Accelerating Ray Tracing
Class #5.
Conservative Visibility Algorithms
Mark Tigges, cpsc 601.94
Simulation Model : Acceleration Techniques
Don's 3D Studio MAX R2 Page
Implementation of an Accelerated Ray Tracer
Lightning: A System for Reusing Ray Trace Data for Fast Lighting of 3D Scenes
Octree-Based Library
VBA51 - Introduction to Space Partioning
A few short movies by Ken Musgrave
Advanced Readings in Computer Graphics
ART: AR250 Ray Tracing Chip
Building a Ray Tracer - Page One
Compressed Mesh Macro File
Computer Graphics Notes
CSC 418/2504: Ray Tracing
CyberAgenz Media Art Museum
Early Ray Tracing Output
Gamasutra - Features - Simple Intersection Tests for Games
GX/GENERIC - An object oriented RayTracing Kernel
Hugues Hoppe's home page
Interactive Ray Tracing
KODI's Radiosity Page
Laboratory of Eidomatics MILANO
Learning Rendering: Contents
Modeling and rendering
Multiresolution Modeling
Planet Rendering
Povray utils
Progetto DBWorks
Ray casting
ray optics
Ray Trace with Affine Transforms
Ray Tracer
Ray Tracing
Ray Tracing
Ray Tracing and Graphics Extensions
Ray Tracing News
Ray Tracing Sophomore College Site
Ray Tracing Tutor
RayTraced Evolution
RayTracing class3 project
Realistic rendering using ray tracing
Rendering Stalactite and Stalagmite Formation
Standard Procedural Databases
Stephens Raytracing Thesis
The Institute of Computer Graphics, Vienna University of Technology
The On-Line Ray Tracing Bibliography
The Recursive Ray Tracing Algorithm
The SCN ray-tracing format
TronSoft RayTracing & Fractals
Werner Benger's Raytracing Projects
{Codepage 2
Real Time
Hans Kopp's Graphics Page
Hardware: Bump Mapping
CubeRender technique
Domain Analysis (draft)
nVidia Developer
Orthogonal Illumination Maps
Polygon Reduction - by Stan Melax
Polygon Scan Conversion Derivations Caltech-CS-TR-91-12
QuickTime VR and Radiance
Rasterization algorithms
Real-Time Rendering Resources
Spatial Index Demos
The Realtime Raytracing Realm
The ZipPack Polygon Mesh Zippering Package
Tom's Hardware Guide: Graphics Guide - ATi Radeon256 Preview
Panoramic Pictures
Examples of Authoring Panoramas from Fisheye Photos using DeFish
Panorama Tools
Panorama Tutorial - Deformation, stitching and Web viewing
Panoramic Photography with Fisheye Lenses
Philo's Home Page
Virtual scenes - Peter Murphy - QuicktimeVR RealVR
360pix Home Page
360� Virtual Reality Tours | Interactive Warehouse
Area 360 Communications
Automatic Panoramic Image Merging
Ciro Antinozzi Fotografo
Creating Environment Maps from FishEye Lenses
Creating Full View Panoramic Image Mosaics and Environment Maps
EKU Campus Beautiful QuickTime VR Panoramas
High Dynamic Range Images
Home Page
Hot Panoramic Tips For Success
Image Bubble Virtual Reality Photo Space
iMove Introduces the World's first complete Spherical Video System! Click here for more information on how you can create immersive, interactive spherical videos for your broadband applciation.
LarScan Home Built Panoramic Cameras
Members Web Pages
Panorama Gallery
Panoramic Network: Everything Panorama Photography and Imaging
Panoramic Photography and Imaging List
Philo's Home Page
Photo Gallery Table of Contents
QTVR Picture Gallery
Quicktime VR Viewer for SGI Irix
RemoteReality Website
The Environment Scanner Page
The Guide to Panoramas and Panoramic Photography
The International QuickTime VR Association IQTVRA
The PanaVue Gallery of Panoramic Images
The Panorama Factory
Virtual Reality Tour of the Real Tokyo - Part I
Yahoo! Search Result
Image Based Modelling
REALVIZ - Products - ImageModeler�
Image Based Rendering
3D Photography on your desk - ICCV98 - Jean-Yves Bouguet - 3D scanner - 3D scanning - Shadow scanner - Shadow scanning
A Panoramic-based Walkthrough System using Real Photos
Efficient Post-Rendering 3D Warping -- IBR Workshop Poster
Image-Based Modeling and Rendering
Image-Based Modeling of Curved Objects
Image-based Rendering with Controllable Illumination
MIT City Scanning Project
Modeling and Rendering from Photographs
Plenoptic Modeling (Abstract)
Re-illumination in an Image-Based Rendering System
Shape and Appearance Models from Multiple Images
VFXPro : Paul Debevec and the Art of Photogrammetry
Visorama / english
Volumetric Scene Reconstruction For View Synthesis
Workshop on IBR
A Visibility Matching Tone Reproduction Operator for High Dynamic Range Scenes
Acquiring the Reflectance Field of a Human Face
Columbia Automated Vision Environment's web page
CS563: Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps From Photographs
Eki's home
GLIMAGE - RGBE/RLE/SPCTRL Image Viewer for Windows - Mahesh Ramasubramanian
High Dynamic Range Images
Light Probe Image Gallery
LogLuv Encoding for TIFF Images
LogLuv Encoding for TIFF Images
Manual page for PCOND(1)
Radiosity Tutorial by phaedrus
Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs
RenderMania - Gallery
Retinex Image Processing
RGBE Image Format Specifications
University Projects
Scanning the fragments of the Forma Urbis Romae
The Digital Michelangelo Project: 3D Scanning of Large Statues
3D Image Display Using Camera Matrix Stereo
3D Reconstruction Home Page
Applied Research Associates NZ Ltd
Arc Pics Index
c-h-r-i-s-t-i-n-e--*--w-a-g-g-o-n-e-r's PRoj->ectS
Chevette Reconstruction and Animation Project
Computer model and 3D fax of Happy Buddha
Computers and Sculpture
Computers, Teachers, Peers -- Resources (Curriculum)
CyberScience : Fich 027 : EVE - Extended Virtual Environment
Daniel Niklas Wood
Dynamically Reparameterized Light Fields
EE/CNS 148, CS274c 1998: 3D Photography
Eyetronics Home Page - Ultimate 3D Acquisition
Fiat Lux
Image Based Rendering
Image-Based Rendering
Image-Based Visual Hull
Image-Based Visual Hulls
jgt: LogLuv Encoding for Full-Gamut, High-Dynamic Range Images.
Light field rendering
Other Web Resources
Photo3D: 3D modeling from photo.
PhotoModeler Lite Home Page
Relief Textures
Rouen Revisited
Taj Pics Index
UNC Image-Based Rendering
Virtualized Reality
VripPack: Volumetric Range Image Processing Package
Yizhou Yu's Research
Zippered polygon mesh model of a lion