Now3D doesn't start! Why?
If you are using a version of Now3D up to 1.29 on Windows 7 (or Vista), surely the reason for this is the incompatibility with those operating systems. From version 1.30
Now3D is now fully compatible with all Windows platforms (including 64bit)!
I don't know how use this program. Is there a Help file or manual online?
On the Now3D site you can find tutorials, scenes and an old manual refered to the 1.22.10 Now3D version.
How can I import others 3d formats in Now3D?
You can use the plugin "Import Object" (Services / Plugins). Double click on "Import Object", select the type of format that you want to upload and import the file.
For versions up to 1.29 Now3D download the N3DPlugInPack1 from Download Files and install it.
Is it possible to render the output image bigger?
Use the Window Size properties of the camera with Use with RayTracing set at True.
Is there a way to convert models made in Now3D to .3DS or any other common 3D file format?
No by Now3D. But exist a program to convert from various formats to others and it includes Now3D. This is the link: 3D Object Converter.
Exist the VB.Net version of the Now3d engine?
I am currently developing a new version entirely writte in VB.Net and you can read the latest news on the Now3D Blog (translated by Google).