Latest News
    1. UV Coordinates and Sphere primitive:
      1. Adds UV coordinates to the Sphere primitive.
      2. The other primitives will also follow.
    1. Importing OBJ models:
      1. Implemented the import of models in OBJ format, complete with materials and textures
      2. Here are two examples of OBJ models imported on Now3D2:
        1. the first one downloaded from one of the many free model sites
        2. the second produced by me through the photogrammetry method
    2. Actions on objects derived from the Mesh:
      1. Transform to mesh:
        1. Transform to mesh an object deriving from the Mesh type (as Sphere, Torus, Import PLY, ecc...)
        2. Attention! This action is irreversible and clears the "undo" list
    3. Actions on Mesh objects:
      1. Smooth Normals
      2. Facet Normals
      3. Invert Normals
      4. Below is the corresponding menu:
    4. Read/Write shape Mesh:
      1. From now on it will be possible to save and reload a mesh
    1. Changes on Menu:
      1. New context menu
      2. "Open recent" menu item
      3. Refactored the menu bar for the various add items inserted in a single "Add" item
    2. New default values:
      1. Applied the "Metropolis" engine as rendering default, it will always be possible to choose RayTracing and MonteCarlo
      2. Increased the default intensity of the Lights from 0.5 to 0.75
      3. As a result of the increase in the default intensity of the Lights, the default colors of the primitives have been revised.
      4. Increased the default details of the following primitives: Box, Cone, Cylinder, Disc, Plane, Sphere, Torus
    1. Direct Metropolis and Light Map:
      1. Fixed a bug that prevented proper rendering of Metropolis DirectLight mode rendering and the use of materials with light maps.
    2. Metropolis and Light Map:
      1. Fixed a metropolis rendering bug and use of materials with light maps.
    1. Blinn and Ashikhmin:
      1. Changed the coefficient of Glossy for brdf Blinn and Ashikhmin.
      2. Changed the default value from 0.45 to 0.25.
    1. Environment:
      1. Added the use of the MipMap for a fast render of opaque refraction.
    1. Shape dialog window:
      1. In case of an instance of BaseObject type, added the chooce of one of the shape in the scene.
      2. Useful to save memory and speedup the precalculus for the render.
    1. Energy Preserving:
      1. Fixed a bug that limited the rendering of transparent shaders with active energy preserving.
    1. Windows 7 compatibility:
      1. Finally, from this version, you can use Now3D on Windows 7 (also 64bit)!
    2. Remote Desktop compatibility:
      1. Now you can use Now3D also in Remote Desktop connections.
    3. PlugIns:
      1. From version 1.30 Plugins are included.
    4. PlugIn Paint3D:
      1. Using the orthographic camera in the view of the objects to be painted.
    5. PlugIn Import Object:
      1. Added the PLY binary format.
      2. Added "Smooth all Normal Group" in the import of format PLY files
    1. New PlugIn Ray Viewer:
      1. This PlugIn been useful many times to verify the correct calculation of the rays of raytracing. Once you start (double click) you need to click on an area of scanline rendering of the scene. At this point it will generate a 3D object through which to view the progress of the ray shot in the scene.
    1. New interface:
      1. In order to make Now3D, compatible with Windows 7 I had to make a lot of changes in the code including the most obvious regard the interface.
    1. Mixer filter:
      1. Fixed a crash that were impeding its use.
    2. Specular Map:
      1. Fixed a bug on the erroneous intensity of the specular map in case of no filter attached.
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