Welcome to Now3D site
Now3D is a program for Windows platform written in Visual Basic 6.
Now3D (at the beginning called Planets) born in 1997 as application for the planets and stars visualization. Then, thanks to the first success in the 3D Graphic field, I have decided to leave the first idea to concentrating myself towards more difficult subjects.
I'm an analyst programmer with a passion for 3D computer graphics, and I'm developing Now3D with the hope that this program will give to many of you, a sprint to enter in the world of 3D computer graphics.
Giuliano Cornacchiola
Release of Now3D v2.06
The implementation of the rendering engine based on pbrt-v4 continues with many new features!
Start Trek Glass Caustic Measured Bsdf Cornell Box New materials have been added: measured, mix and diffusetransmission.
Rendering has been speeded up by 30%!
Added the new Denoiser plugin in the download section.
Compare the huge quality difference in renders with and without the Denoiser on the following comparison page.
Download Now3D v2.06 directly from the download section of this site! Look here for the release notes.
Release of Now3D v2.05
Great news!!!
Ganesha Room I've implemented a new rendering engine based on pbrt-v4 and I've give a new look to the interface too!
Compare the new engine with the old one via the following comparasion page.
Download Now3D v2.05 directly from the download section of this site! Look here for the release notes.
N3DGL Demo
On this page you can try a part of the Now3D engine directly on your web browser (Compatible with Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edge)
Release of Now3D v1.31
Download Now3D v1.31 directly from the download section of this site!
Now3D2 (Windows 7 Theme)
Download Now3D2_Theme.zip (3.5MB) You can download the Now3D2 theme for Windows 7. The pictures of this theme have been rendered entirely with the latest version of Now3D2 (final name of the ex N3D.Net).
After download it, unzip the file and double-click on the "Now3D2.themepack" file to install the theme.

Soon you can read on the Now3D Blog the latest news on the Now3D2 developments.
Uffizi HDR Image courtesy of Paul Debevec
Venice HDR Image courtesy of USC Institute for Creative Technologies
PLY Meshes courtesy of Stanford University Computer Graphics Laboratory
Now3D also speaks German!
For any questions or Bug Reports, contact me at my e-mail address