Now3D Cloud Info
What is Now3D Cloud
Now3D Cloud is a project created during the development of Now3D2.
Its purpose is to give you the chance to try the 3D engine of Now3D2 directly on the web.
You can try it on your PC, from your Tablet or Smartphone.
Access to Now3D Cloud
To access click on the link "Enter":
Each page of Now3D Cloud is divided into two main areas.
The first area contains the buttons to access the two main functions "Renderings Gallery" and "Start a Rendering" , plus a useful area to display the server status of Now3D Cloud.
The second area contains the functions to which you have access:
"Renderings Gallery" or "Start a Rendering".
Renderings Gallery
This is the first feature that has been shown after accessing.
Here you will see thumbnails of the renderings generated ​​by all site visitors, both those completed and those that are to be completed.
Clicking on a thumbnail you will have access to their rendering of detail.
Here you can see the rendering in full, see additional information and download the compressed picture (JPG) or uncompressed one (PNG).
To return to the "Renderings Gallery" just click on the specific button.
Start a Rendering
Pressing the "Start a Rendering" button you will have access to the three steps useful for the definition of a rendering process.
In the first step choose the scene to be generated.
In the second step you can configure some attributes of the scene.
And in the third and final step, you can set some features of the image that you want to create (eg size).
To customize your Rendering enter nickname on the appropriate fields "Started by".
At this point, just accept the Terms and Conditions, set the Captcha correctly and press the "Start" button to start your rendering.
Follow the completion of your rendering in "Renderings Gallery".
Server Status
The service that starts the renderings of Now3D Cloud will not always be available.
If the service is "ready" will see the icon otherwise .
Regular hours of service 17.00-21.00 UTC/GMT .
Last update: 01/02/2012