Member :



Save Open the SaveImage interface. The Input is the file name of the BMP to save.

Property :



REGKEY Application Key in the format of "\Key1\Key2\Etcc.."

Example of use :

    To Open the LoadImage interface. Load a BMP and Open the SaveImage interface to convert it in the JPG format :

        Dim objSave As New SaveImage
        Dim objLoad As New LoadImage
        Dim strFile As String
            objLoad.REGKEY = "\SOFTWARE\GiulioSPA\N3DPro\ImageLoader"
            strFile = objLoad.Load ' Load a BMP Picture
            If strFile <> "" Then
                objSave.REGKEY = "\SOFTWARE\GiulioSPA\N3DPro\ImageSaver"
                objSave.Save strFile ' Save the Picture
            End If
        Set objSave = Nothing
        Set objLoad = Nothing

   SaveImage Interface :


Note : To Save the Picture Control content in JPG, you need before to save it in BMP in a know directory (for example the same of the application), with an unique name (es. Temp.bmp) and for last delete it (Kill App.Path & "\temp.bmp").