Now3D Cloud News
New scenes about Monte Carlo method
There are three new scenes to try Now3D2 implementation of the MonteCarlo method.
With this implementation, the scenes become more realistic with the distribution of N rays in case of reflection, transmission and diffusion.
More rays are distributed (attribute detail) and will provide better quality.
Optimized the assignment of CPU
I have optimized the assignment method for the renderings of the percentage of CPU server and also improving the processing speed of renderings.
Previously, each rendering received 20% of CPU, now 60% of the CPU (the maximum can be assigned) is distributed equally among all the renderings in elaboration, so a single rendering in elaboration will receive a 60% CPU usage, two renderings will receive 30% each, while three renderings 20%.
Release of Now3D Cloud
I finally released Now3D Cloud!

Try to start a rendering and you will see it completing in real time. Currently you will have only one scene (Instances) but, as we go on with the job of implementing Now3D2, it will add new ones.
Read the "info" to learn more.

You can write your impressions to the following e-mail (click on the dots):

And now, have fun!
Alpha version
The implementation work of Now3D Cloud is going well and I will release the Beta version as soon as possible! Firstly, you can render a scene with the possibility to set some parameters.

Below you can see a first image:

And this is just the beginning...