News Archive
    1. Blinn and Ashikhmin:
      1. Changed the coefficient of Glossy for brdf Blinn and Ashikhmin.
      2. Changed the default value from 0.45 to 0.25.
    1. Environment:
      1. Added the use of the MipMap for a fast render of opaque refraction.
    1. Shape dialog window:
      1. In case of an instance of BaseObject type, added the chooce of one of the shape in the scene.
      2. Useful to save memory and speedup the precalculus for the render.
    1. Energy Preserving:
      1. Fixed a bug that limited the rendering of transparent shaders with active energy preserving.
    1. Windows 7 compatibility:
      1. Finally, from this version, you can use Now3D on Windows 7 (also 64bit)!
    2. Remote Desktop compatibility:
      1. Now you can use Now3D also in Remote Desktop connections.
    3. PlugIns:
      1. From version 1.30 Plugins are included.
    4. PlugIn Paint3D:
      1. Using the orthographic camera in the view of the objects to be painted.
    5. PlugIn Import Object:
      1. Added the PLY binary format.
      2. Added "Smooth all Normal Group" in the import of format PLY files
    1. New PlugIn Ray Viewer:
      1. This PlugIn been useful many times to verify the correct calculation of the rays of raytracing. Once you start (double click) you need to click on an area of scanline rendering of the scene. At this point it will generate a 3D object through which to view the progress of the ray shot in the scene.
    1. New interface:
      1. In order to make Now3D, compatible with Windows 7 I had to make a lot of changes in the code including the most obvious regard the interface.
    1. Mixer filter:
      1. Fixed a crash that were impeding its use.
    2. Specular Map:
      1. Fixed a bug on the erroneous intensity of the specular map in case of no filter attached.
    1. Global Illumination:
      1. The render of the global illumantion modalities has been improved (Distributed, Final Gathering, Irradiance Cache).
    2. Reflections:
      1. Distributed Reflections (Options/Reflection/Distribution/Enable= True):
        1. The algorithm for the distributed reflections has been improved
        2. The distributed reflections for anisotropics materials have been added (Ward, Ashikhmin).
      2. Using the Bump map:
        1. Now using surfaces with a bump map applied the wronged pixels on the final picture don't appear.
    3. Materials:
      1. The Blinn material render has been improved.
    4. Photons:
      1. The speed of the rendering by photons has been increased (also for Final Gathering and Irradiance Cache) even of 300% thanks to the KD-Tree algorithm implementation.
      2. The render of materials with applied bump map (with filters HDR or Bitmap) has been improved.
      3. Irradiance Cache:
        1. The "Irradiance Gradients" algorithm has been implemented, this means that a rendering of the scene elaborated by Irradiance Cache is more smooth and realistic.
      4. Photons fired:
        1. Now for each GI bounce will be fired only a photon, with the chance to fire more photons GI without increase the speed elaboration or decrease the quality.
        2. The use of the files contains the photons table has been removed. Since now you don't need to download and install the N3DPhotonsPack1.EXE file to get more photons to fire.
        3. New photons fire modalities have been added, as for the Point lights (Detail property) so the spot lights (Spot Lights Detail property). Now you can fire 250, 500, 1000, 1000000 and 5000000 photons for Point lights and 500000 photons for the spot lights.
    5. Other optimizations:
      1. Optimizations and speeding up to the code for the maps with filters Bitmap and HDR, with increase up to 10% of the rendering speed.
    1. Irradiance Cache:
      1. The Radius attribute has been added, this is useful for increasing the Irradiance Cache points density control and to get a render more accurate for environment photons (Photons/Global Illumination/Environment=Yes).
    1. Photons:
      1. The photons gathering modality has been removed. Now Radius type is the default with the possibility to restrict the photons number by inserting a value greater than zero on the Threashold attribute.
      2. The information about the time estimated for the Irradiance Cache and Photons elaboration has been added.
      3. The Irradiance Cache elaboration has been set of default in case of Final Gathering.
      4. New photons visualization in the preview window in wireframe modality (Options/Options/Show Photons=Yes)
    2. Menu:
      1. The "Auto Alignment" function has been modified to optimize the working area in case of screen size ratio different from 4/3 (ex: 16/10)
    1. Crash Rendering View:
      1. Fixed a bug which caused a crash in case of a scene rendering with particular windows rendering size.
      2. To repeat the Bug: Change the "window size" properties of the Camera in 512x341 and execute a rendering.
    2. Object Light type brightness:
      1. Fixed a bug wich caused a wronged Object Light type brightness in case of rendering by Photons.
      2. To repeat the Bug: Create a scene with a Sphere of light type, set at "Yes" the Real Simulation parameter of the light, enable the rendering by Photons, as a result you can see a wrong brightness of the Sphere.
    3. Irradiance Cache fake points:
      1. Fixed a bug wich caused the creation of much Irradiance Cache fakes points in case of material of transparent type, as a result you have the increase of the rendering time elaboration.
      2. To repeat the Bug: Just elaborate a Scene containing a Glass Sphere in the Irradiance Cache modality.
    • Blinn Material:
      • The material Blinn type render has been improved.
      • The Blinn Ior proprierty of the material has been eliminated, as a result it is replaceable by a simple FallOff filter applied to the Specular Map.
    • Anisotropic (Ward) Material:
      • The Ward material render has been improved (now renamed "Anisotropic (Ward)").
      • Thanks to two new properties of the Glossy map is possible to manage the Anisotropic effect.
      • New Properties: Material/Glossy/Anisotropic/
        • Orientation
          • Defined by degree is useful to change the anisotropy orientation angle.
        • Anisotropy
          • Useful to decrease (the material will be similar to the Blinn type) or increase the anisotropy.
      • You can get good results for the metal materials render.
    • Bump Map:
      • At the end the Bump Map with the Bitmap or HDR filters works fine.
    • Orthographic Camera:
      • New Camera type, useful for schematic draws or for realizing VideoGames with isometric graphic.
    • Irradiance Cache:
      • A new method for the Global Illumination calculation through which you can get in a few time good approssimations of your scenes.
      • This method is about elaborating the Final Gathering just for some points on the screen while the other points will elaborate by interpolation.
      • New Properties: Options/Photons/Final Gathering/Irradiance Cache/
        • Enable
          • This attribute is useful to enable the Irradiance Cache and it must be used together with the abilitation of the Global Illumination, the Photons and the Final Gathering.
          • Once enabled the Irradiance Cache elaboration it will be possible to use the option Options/Options/Show Photons to view the generated Final Gathering points position.
        • Accuracy
          • This property is useful for increasing the detail at disadvantage of elaboration times more long.
      • The Irradiance Cache elaboration is linked with the Final Gathering/Samples property, it will be enough to set a right samples value to improve the result.
    • Metal Material:
      • Based on the Cook-Torrance algorithm is a material type useful for the isotropic metal material render.
    • Anisotropic (Ashikhmin) Material:
      • New anisotropic material type based on the Ashikhmin algorithm, with a more realistic look compared to the Ward, as for metallic than diffusive materials.
      • On the picture above you can see three vases with the Anisotropic (Ashikhmin) applied: the first with anisotropy = 0; the second with anisotropy = 96 and orientation = 90; the third with anisotropy = 96 and orientation = 0
    • Geometric Antialiasing:
      • Useful for speeding up the rendering of simple scenes (also of 50%), thus with various distribution samples algorithms disabled (Global Illumination, Reflection, Refraction, Shadow, DOF).
    • Import Object:
      • Added the loading of PLY format objects as for Ascii than Binary.
    • Painter 3D:
      • Modified the camera type used for visualization in Orthographic, for a better control on the objects.
    • Object by Path Generator:
      • Enabled the use of the Close Path for loaded path.
    • N3D interface for the Script:
      • Added the usermsg property at the n3d object of the script. Useful for writing anything on the status bar (for example the frames rendering progress).
    • Pixel lost:
      • Fixed a bug which caused lack rendering of a little border portion of mathematical objects type.
      • Has been revealed on the sphere mathematical above all.
    • HighLight disappearance:
      • Fixed a bug which caused the HighLight disappearance for the follow preview modality: Flat, Gouraud and QuickPhong.
      • It was enough to create an object with a material which has a diffusion coefficient less than 100.
    • Crash selecting a material:
      • Fixed a bug (with the ending of the program) about a material selection in the modality Menu/Preferences/Scene/Split materials from the Scene.
      • It was enough to download a scene with just a material and then to select the material tab.
  • Bug Fix
    • The LineInObjTexture function which don't work for the sphere perfect objects has been adjusted.
    • Bug fix about the wrong refresh of the lights properties and of cameras during the scene loading.
  • Improvements
    • The code of the follow algorithms of rays distribution has been rewrote:
      • DoF, Area Shadow, Reflection, Refraction, FinalGathering, Global Illumination by Rays, Global Illumination by Photons.
      • This new code brings a complex improvement of quality about a number of rays greather than 9.
    • The adaptive modalities for the distributions have been eliminated:
      • DoF, Reflection, Refraction, FinalGathering, Global Illumination by Rays.
      • Because their "legacy" after the implementation of the new distribution algorithm.
    • The algorithm to the base of the soft shadow (light object) has been rewrote completely:
      • The code has been subdivided in shadows come from light objects of perfect sphere type and not, as a consequence there are improvement to the quality.
    • The photons distribution for the directional lights has been improved.
    • The Antialiasing algorithm has been rewrote completely so there is more quality and fastest above all in the "High" modality.
    • The elaboration accurancy of the Global Illumination with the Ray Distribution has been improved.
    • The preview modalities have been speedup: FlatShading, GouraudShading, QuickPhong, Phong
  • Additions
    • First version of the modelling inside N3D
      • Two new functionality of ToolBar and of the PopUp menu associated to the four main windows of N3D visualization.
      • Select
        • With modality "Modelling" disabled:
          • Thanks to this operator we can select an object (with a simple click).
        • With modality "Modelling" enabled:
          • Thanks to this operator we can select some vertexes (through the Drag of an selection area).
          • With the contemporary press of the Shift Key we can add aother vertexes to the actual selection.
          • With the contemporary press of the Ctrl Key we remove some vertexes to the actual selection.
      • Modelling modality
        • Thanks to this modality we can editing (Move, Rotate, Scale and Select) the vertexes of the selected object.
    • Photons/Global Illumination/Enabled
      • Now it is possible to choose if use Photons or the Rays Distribution for the Global Illumination elaboration in the Photons Modality.
    • Bounce Quality
      • Thanks to the "Bounce Quality" property is possible to control the rays number fired after the first bounce (Depth>1), for the follow distributions:
        • Diffuse (Global Illumination by Rays), Reflection, Refraction.
      • If this value is high the simulation will be more accurate but slow. On the contrary if this value is low the simulation will be less accurate but speeder.
    • AntiAliasing/Adaptive/Size
      • This property is useful to get an AntiAliasing more or less smooth.
  • Bug Fix
    • A bug of the raytracing engine has been fixed; the bug occured during the volumetric objects elaboration.
  • Improvements
    • Now the object light type are visibles also in the preview modes.
    • Photons
      • Has been improved the result of the photons elaboration.
      • Now the photons intensity is correct and I advice to diminish it (also minimum values give optimum results).
  • Additions
    • Light/Real Simulation
      • Thanks to this parameter we can simulate the real light attenuation.
      • For the high grade of attenuation, I advice to increase the value of lights intensity.
    • Environments
      • Now the attributes of the various environment maps (scene, reflect map, environment map) have been managed in a better way thanks to the addition of elements of environment type.
      • The setting of these environments is possible through interfaces of simple use.
      • The environments are of three different types: environment, probe, cubic.
      • To each environment element you can assign one of the follow filters: bitmap, hdr, noise.
    • Options/Photons
      • Render only Photons: With the Caustic/Store direct light setted to "false" is useful to make rendering test of the only photons wich derives from caustics and global illumination.
      • Gathering modes: Two main modalities of gathering of photons to use for getting the light of a point
        • Radius: Maximum distance of search of photons (proportional to the scene size).
        • Threshold: Maximum number of photons to use.
      • Caustic/Store direct light: For rendering the direct light with photons or in the traditional way.
      • Global Illumination
        • Attributes useful for simulating the global illumination and the light wich comes from an environment map.
        • It activate itself with the same "enable" parameter for Global Illumination (Options/Global Illumination/Distribution/)
        • As for the raytracing distributed also for the photons the "Samples" option control the number of photons to fire after each intersection with the Scene.
        • Environment: Useful for simulating the light wich is fired by all the environment wich is around the Scene.
      • Final Gathering: First version of the Final Gathering algorithm on Now3D.
      • Subdivided some parameters
        • The attributes: Detail, spot lights detail, radius and threshold are divided between the main kinds of photons (caustics and global illumination).
        • In such a manner to have different checks for different needs, in fact the caustics need more details than the Global Illumination.
    • Options/Options/Show Photons: Thanks to this property you can see in the preview window in wireframe modality, the photons created after a rendering.
    • Scene notes: Chance to write notes on the Scene properties window (accessible with the right button of the mouse on Options).
    • Material/Volume/Surface: Property to use for searching the inside surface of a volume, greater is the value more marked will be the new surface.
  • Interface changes
    • New Environment type properties in the Options, reflect map and environment map.
    • Window for choocing the environment type and the environment properties.
    • Moved the Output HDR property from Cameras to Options/RayTracing/.
  • Code changes
    • Moved the EnvironmentType from the CN3DEnvironment to the CN3DMaterial (Reflect, Environment).
  • Bug Fix
    • An old bug has been Fixed which it verified when there was rendered the reflection of a plane to which applied an opcity map.
    • Has been fixed a bug which prejudiced the volume map use.
  • Improvements
    • The RayTracing property Depth has been divided between the four elaborations which use it, in that way we have a better control on the detail and the scene speed elaboration.
      And now the new properties:
      • Options/Global Illumination/Depth.
      • Options/Reflection/Depth.
      • Options/Refraction/Depth.
      • Options/Volume/Depth.
  • Additions
    • New Map: Translucency
      • To activate a translucent material it's enough to set the property "Value" at a value greater than 0.
      • The Translucency map can be of two types:
        • Opaque: to use together with opaque materials.
        • Transparent: to use with transparent materials, but together with the opacity map property "two side"=True.
      • And now a file example: testTraslucency04.NS2
    • New Filter: HDR: to use the greater depth of colors and bright range of the "High Dinamic Range" (HDR) format.
    • Photons
      • Photons map for the Spot light type has been added. You must to use the Options/Photons/Spot lights detail property to change the photons number fired.
      • Global Illumination using Photons maps. Now if you rendering a GI scene you could use all the Photons power!
        I'm sorry for the slowness, I'm studing for improving the speed...
    • Reflection: New property: "Back side". It controls the elaboration of the reflections on the back side of an object, so that to increase the rendering speed for glass materials.
    • Refraction: The "Close surfaces distance" property has been added to render in the correct way the refractions between two close transparents objects. ex: A glass full of water.
      To use with the "Tir"=True property.
    • Options/RayTracing/Rendering Channels to render the scene exclusively in the Diffusion or Specular channels. By default this property is "All".
    • New Metal map property Desaturate: Its useful to simulate a grey metal (The main filter control this property).
    • Noise filter: The contrast property has been added.
  • Interface changes
    • Improve the pattern dialog window, used for editing at example the Filtro/Rumore/Colore property. Now you can also save a pattern and resize the interface.
    • Has been added the Refresh command on the Options/Services/PlugIns menu.
    • Improved the Auto Exposition in the HDR saving. See NHDR.exe or the hdr format saving dialog window.
  • Code changes
    • The chance to create an assigned and in hierarchy light has been blocked.
  • Bug Fix
    • Now the saving of the Pattern for the Environment works.
    • A bug about the FallOff filter on a RayTracing depth max to 2 (ex: a reflection or a refraction) has been fixed.
    • The saving of the Cast Shadows property of the Object works.
  • Improvements
    • The following algorithm of distribution has been improved:
      • Global Illumination
      • Shadow Area
      • Reflection
      • Refraction
  • Additions
    • Filters: This is the biggest news!
      • This Filter has been used for modifying the value of the map in relationship with the corresponding parameters, this way of elaborating makes Now3D more similar to other and more important programs about 3D Graphic (ex: 3Dstudio Max, Maya, etc...).
      • Only the following maps have associated a Filter:
        • Color, Specular, Glossy, Bump, Opacity, Light, HyperTexture, Volume, Metal.
      • Here we are the Filters which are implemented:
        • BitMap: To map an Image around an Object.
        • Noise: Use a Noise.
        • FallOff: Use linear change dipending on the angle between the Object Normal and the view Vector.
        • Mixer: Thanks to this Filter is possible to mix two or more filters for obtaining different results.
      • Each Filter has standard properties through which is possible to have more check on the value in output by the Filter itself:
        • Invert
        • Amount
        • Clamp
      • To enter to the Filters:
        • Is possible to enter to the details of the Filters or through the node of the Maps of detail or through the “Maps” group of the Material Properties.
      • Attention:
        • Some Maps aren't compatible with some Filters:
          • Bump and FallOff
          • Hypertexture and FallOff
          • Volume and FallOff
        • And it’s impossibile to add a Mixer Filter to another Mixer Filter.
    • DOF Depth of Field:
      • Implemented a new feature missed to the accomplishment of the Camera simulation, has been used the rays distribution for implement it.
      • The properties for the DOF control are subdives between the Scene Options and the Camera properties:
        • Options:
          • Enable: Enable the use of this feature.
          • Samples: Number of the samples, greater is the number better will be the result.
          • Adaptive: How for the distribution algorithms also this use the new adaptive elaboration.
        • Camera:
          • Aperture: Aperture diameter of the camera lens.
          • Focal Distance: Thanks to this property you can control the focus.
    • New maps:
      • Metal: Thanks to this map you can completely control the metalness value of the surface.
      • Volume: Now is possible to build a hypertexture volumetric material!
    • Noise Filter: the Seed Property:
      • It’s a negative value through which you can obtain new casual theme ever different and it’s useful to apply the same theme to noise filters of other maps or materials easely.
    • Add the Adaptive property to all the distribution algorithms. Thanks to this you can improve the quality at disadvantage of a soft increase of time.
  • Interface changes
    • Improved the material maps management.
      • Now the maps, for need, can be reached through the node detail of the material.
      • Thanks to the new Preferences menu voice "Split Materials from the Scene", you can use two main work modality to management the material detail:
        • Voise checked: The Scene-Tree is split in two parts: Scene and Materials. Just use the respective tab to navigate into. The first tree is like the old version except for the properties of the selected material that does reference only tho the old "general" tab. The second instead concern exclusively the materials of the scene and is possible navigate into the maps and filters nodes.
        • Voice unchecked: The Scene-Tree is only one, and the material detail is integral part of the Scene-Tree.
    • Finally if you drag an Scene-Tree element this will automatically scoll when it approach the area boundaries.
    • In the inside of the rendering window you can find two useful informations: Elapsed Time and Estimate Time.
    • For all the properties:
      • Now you can insert negative values for the Range types.
      • The Double-Click into the property raise the event click of the respective button.
        Just click two times to activate a list, or a colors browser, etc...
      • Now many properties accepts decimal numbers (ex: the object rotations).
  • Code changes
    • Many of the CN3DMaterial properties and methods are moved into the Filters.
    • New Classes to manage the Filters:
      • CN3DFBitMap: BitMap Filter.
      • CN3DFFallOff: FallOff Filter.
      • CN3DFMixer: Mixer Filter.
      • CN3DFNoise: Noise Filter.
    • Introduced a new format file:
      • NS2 -> Now3D Scene Format file 2.
      • NO2 -> Now3D Object Format file 2.
      • NM2 -> Now3D Material Format file 2.
        (Be patient for a document more detailed)
    • Deleted the material property: Reflection Type now when you load the old file format scene this property will be changed in a FallOff filter with the respective FallOff Type.
    • Deleted the material property: Metal FallOff this property is been changed in a simple FallOff filter for the metal map.
    • Deleted the noise filter theme informations: NOISEPERMUTATION, NOISEWAVELET. Now to save the noise use the value: Seed.
    • The N3DProperties control:
      • HeaderWidth: Thanks to this is possible to decide the percentage (1-100) of width for the description respect to the value width.
  • Attention
    • When you load an old scene with noise use for the maps and you save it in the new format will be loose the original "theme".
  • Bug Fix
    • Now the infinity Light works also in the modality: Flat, Gouraud e QuickShading.
    • A problem about the normals of the objects has been solved, in case of one of the three Scale coefficients (X,Y,Z) different from the other two.
  • Improvements
    • Now also the ZPhong preview modality implements the Energy Preserving.
    • The Photons quality has been improved.
    • The Oren-Nayer diffuse type:
      • The quality has been improved.
      • At last it works also in the Global Illumination.
    • Ray tracing window:
      • Now the dimensions can be set out from 2 to 4096 pixel.
      • In Now3D and in N3DRender the management of the Rendering window has been improved.
    • The use of the Light map has been improved: now is indipendent from the diffusion and the reflection coifficients.
    • The quality of the FallOff for the metallic Material has been improved.
    • The quality of the distribuited reflections has been improved thanks to the reduction of the distribution produced by the Reflectance type.
  • Additions
    • It has been add the chance to save the Alpha channel of an image elaborated in RayTracing; it's enough to push on the right icon on the menù bar in the rendering window.
    • Two algorithms of "AutoExposition" have been implemented in the save interface of a HDR, thanks to them it's possible to try to adeguate an HDR image to the physic limitation of the Monitors.
    • The Object Cast Shadows property has been added with the follow values:
      • If Visible: it is the normal modality, it cast the shadow just when the object is visible.
      • Never: It doesn't never cast the shadow
      • Always: It cast the shadow also if the object is invisible.
    • Camera:
      • It has been added the chance to choose the zoom from a set of Standard Lens.
      • It has been added the chance to choose the dimension of the RayTracing window between a lot of window dimensions, in the video, in the movies, or in the slides.
    • New elaboration for the camera and the Look At Object Light and usable method in the Script (doesn't work with cameras or lights in Hierarchies at the moment).
    • Quick Render (mosaic preview): The icon for starting the procedure is in the main menù bar and Thanks to the preferences menù is possible to modify the impostations.
    • It has been added a new Reflectance Type: Fresnel (conductor), useful to simulate the metallic surfaces. It has been added the Absorption Coifficient (under the General Tab) linked to this kind of reflection.
    • New management of the Energy Preserving: Now is possible to choose between the follow status:
      • None: The Energy Preserving does't be used.
      • Conductor: To simulate the metallic materials.
      • Dielectric: To simulate the objects as the Glass, the Plastic, the ceramics, etc...
  • Code changes
    • Various improvements has been done to the N3DCommon code.
  • Interface changes
    • It has been added the menù element "Files": "Save Scene As", in that way the "Save Scene" saves without ask confirmation.
  • Bug Fix
    • It has been resolved a problem about the objects hierarchies with the Cameras.
  • Improvements
    • The adaptive AntiAliasing algorithm has been improved!
      Now, your results will be clearer and more detailed as you can see through this image more exhaustive: (newAA.jpg).
  • Additions
    • Now Now3D "speaks" also German (thanks to: Tony Klüver).
    • The Environment maps pattern. At last you can duplicate in horizontal or vertical an environment map.
    • The Infinity Light type: New type of Light for simulating the light which comes from a source so far (as the Sun as to us).
    • Attenuation of the Volumetric Hypertexture. It serves to attenuate the density from the outer towards the inner of the Object.
    • The Shortkeys: After various request from some users I have implemented other Shortkeys for entering in some functionality of Now3D:
      • For the selected Object, Light or Camera:
        • Remove (Del)
        • Copy (Ctrl+c)
      • Transformations:
        • Move (Ctrl+1)
        • Rotate (Ctrl+2)
        • Scale (Ctrl+3)
        • Zoom (Ctrl+4)
        • Pan (Ctrl+5)
      • Menu File:
        • New Scene (Ctrl+n)
        • Open Scene (Ctrl+o)
        • Save Scene (Ctrl+s)
  • Interface changes
    • Script:
      • When you running a Script instead of the Stop Window you can use an animated icon which will appear on the Windows ToolBar: It will be enough to press the mouse right button on it so you can enter in the menu option through which you can Stop the Script.
      • In case of the Script Error more exhaustive information will appear so it can be possible to correct your code better.
    • It has been renamed the Scene Option Transmission in Refraction.
    • It has been eliminated the Material Type: Glass&Water, now it is obsolete because it coincides with the Blinn type.
  • Bug founded
    • The Bump Map: The Bump Map offers wrong results when the object to which has applied is rotated about 180° respect to the Z axis.
  • Improvements
    • The RayTracing is faster!!!
      • +50% for Scene with simple objects.
      • +600% for Scene with complex objects.
    • The RayTracing accurancy has been imporeved.
    • The Global Illumination algorithm has been improved.
      At the moment is similar to the other most famous Rendering Engines!
    • Also the distribution algorithms have been improved: Area Shadow, Refraction and Reflection.
    • The file search of lost texture has been improved.
    • The Shadow with the HyperTexture have been improved.
  • Additions
    • Objects Hierarhies: Now the Camera or a Light can be part of an objects hierarchy.
      For creating these hierarchies you have just to move the Light icon or the Camera icon over an Object icon.
      You could bring a car and and hook up two Lights for the HeadLights and insert a Camera on board!
    • It has been added the intensity control (Value) of the BackGround Color.
  • Interface changes
    • The Viewport direction has been adjusted.
      For this reason the Default Scene is rotated by 180° around the Y axis.
  • Code changes
    • Use the Matrix in the trasformations.
      Be careful! The scenes which contain objects with rotations on the Z axis will ask to be saved again!
  • Bug founded
    • The algorithm of the Light Objects management (Light Area) doesn't work with the HyperTexture.
  • Bug Fix
    • A bug on the rename of a Camera has been eliminated.
    • Now Now3D run fine again on the W95 and W98 systems!
  • Code changes
    • All the parameters which have to be passed ByRef now have become Variant type.
      In this way now some methods can be used with the Now3D Scripting.
  • Bug Fix
    • In N3DProperties a little bug has been eliminated.
    • Now the Fresnel Reflection works well also when the object which uses it has been reflected in a mirror.
  • Improvements
    • The N3DProperties control has been impreved again.
    • The elaboration of Color, Specular, Light, Glossy maps has been moved compared to Bump maps such as to obtain a realistic modification of maps on the basis of the local relief.
    • HDR:
      • The HDR files which return can be used again with other programs which support the format.
      • The saving in the HDR format is without bug and the range of the visual color has been improved.
    • N3DObjByPath: The interface has been improved.
  • Additions
    • Photons: Now also Now3D has the Photons management. Now it's possible to visualize the Caustics, all those phenomenon which derive from the indirect transmission of light (ex: light which go through an object of glass or a light reflected by a mirror).
      • Scene properties:
        • Enable: This property enable the photons elaboration.
        • All the Scene: To use the photons elaboration on all the scene, also on those objects which have materials with the "Use Photons" inactive.
        • Detail: Thanks to this property we can decide the number of photons to fire for each light of the Scene (Be carefull! The details above to 50000 are usable just after the "N3DPhotonsPack1" installation).
        • Threshold: It is equal to the number of photons to use for obtaining the actual intensity; the caustics are smoother if the number is high.
        • Intensity: The Photons intensity.
      • Material properties:
        • Use Photons: To be of use to qualify each material to the caustics elaboration if the Scene property "All the Scene" is setted to "False"). To use it for those materials which have to "transmit" the caustic (ex: glass , mirror, etc...).
    • NHDR: Thanks to this program you should view the HDR files created with Now3D, and convert them in other formats (.BMP o .JPG).
  • Bug Fix
    • Now you can insert the minus sign again into the numeric properties type.
    • It was fixed a bug wich caused a program crash when you used the material properties.
  • Bug Fix
    • Now the Scene loading or the objects previously saved work at 100%.
    • Bug in the Adaptive Antaliasing with Treshold Medium has been cancelled.
    • In case of two transparent objects, are placed on the top of the other, the bug has been corrected.
    • At last the Normal inversion can be saved.
    • Now the distribuited Transmission works as before.
  • Modifications
    • The Environment maps orientation of probe type has been modified.
    • The Engine3D structure of nOw3D has been modified. To enter in to the objects or the materials in the Scene you need to use two new Scene Properties: ListObjects and ListMaterials.
  • Improvements
    • Now the Transparent objects simulation (as glass) works better!
    • It has been improved the Dispersion elaboration about the transparent objects.
    • PlugIn Import: New Interface.
  • Interface
    • The chance to write directly into the Slider properties.
    • The TreeScene structure has been modifies. It has been inserted a new node Services inside which it has been moved the PlugIn node.
  • Additions
    • Script: Now thanks to that new Service it will ne possible to program animations or building parametric objects through the simple use of VBScript.
      • Main controls: The interface to manager the scripts uses the function bar (New, Open, Save, Run), about an area thanks to which insert your macro and then a status bar through which received information about possible writing errors about the code.
      • Main objects: Waiting for an explanation much more exhaustive here then are the main objects at your use:
        • scene: Similar to the CN3DScene class.
        • n3d: It is a library of functions used for comunicate with the Now3D interface.
        • primitive: Object through which you could add the same Now3D primitive.
      • Downloading Scripts: Through the libraries section you can find some scripts just for you to understand the use.
      • Next documentation: Just be patient...
    • Camera:
      • Camera type: It can be Normal or Panorama, if you choose Panorama the RayTracing result will be a single image about all the environment at 360° which surrounds the camera.
      • RayTracing/Output HDR: The return of the RayTracing elaboration in HDR format, as a result you can use the hdr image like an environment map of other Scenes. I'm sorry, but at the moment the ".hdr" files you can save cannot be read by different programs instead of Now3D.
      • Panorama properties/Type: It can be Environment or Probe and it defines the kind of projection through which rendering the Panorama.
    • Adaptive smoothness of Normals: Now you will have at your use an elaboration of an object normals through which you can obtain a much more realistic simulation of surfaces! You can enter in it through the Menu PopUp of the selected object.
    • Environment Maps:
      • Probe,HDR side: It can ve Both or Front and it shows if the Probe maps includes all the 360° environment or just the emisphere in front of.
      • Mirror: It has been added the chance to reflect the environment image also on the Y and Z axis.
    • PlugIn Import:
      • It has been added the chance to import also the ".inc" files of PovRay.
      • Now the 3ds objects imported have the recalculated normals in an automatic manner, just to render them less faceted.
  • Improvements also in the previous version
    • Now the BackGround/Color scene property works also in the RayTracing.
  • Bug Fix
    • Now the object property: "Remove Hidden Poligons" (old "Show Hidden Poly") can be saved.
    • Removed a bug in case of texture projection of objects in a hierarchy.
    • PlugIn Paint3D: Now it work also qith hierarchy object.
    • Now the color transfer works from an object at light and vice versa in case of a Light Object.
  • Improvement
    • The N3DCommon library was rivisted. As a result, be careful but the examples in the N3DDK section with reference to Classes and Methods with don't exist anymore.
    • PlugIn ObjByPath : Now the Translate works fine.
  • Additions
    • Relative Path: Now the images files path have been saved in a relative manner as for the Scene directory. This means that if for example you insert a scene in "C:\Scene\" and the textures in "C:\Scene\Texture\" the if you move the Scene file will lose the images references, because you need of a Folder called "Texture".
    • Polygon Subdivision: It is an object elaboration and it is useful for increasing the polygons number of a Mesh. At the moment, it is limitative, but it could be improved (one day).
    • Adding Hierarchy Type: It is a Scene property and it serves to control the addition modality of an object to a hierarchy. If you choose "Global" than the object to add (when it is possible) will stand at it's position and direction, while if you choose "Local" it will be a change of coordinates and the child object will acquire the "Father" absolute coordinates.
    • Environment Wide: Now exist two new property ("Environment Wide", "Probe, HDR Wide") thanks to is possible to have a greater control on the environment wide map used. For examples, if you have just an environmental map of the Upper Hemisphere (ex. as sky dome) you can settings the "Environment wide" to "180° upper Hemisphere". Of couse, these two new properties have been added in all using types of environmental maps: Scene Environment, Material Environment, Reflection.
    • Metal FallOff: It is a new Material property, it identify the use of the metallic mask based on the "Reflection Type" chosen.
    • PlugIn ObjByPath: It has been added the option to close the path in by "Rotation".
  • Interface
    • The Scene properties: It is a little informative summary of the Scene which you can reach or from the main menu or pressing with the right botton on the "options" icon of the scene tree.
    • Components Autoselection: Now when you select an component (light, camera, object) from one of the four views or when you add it, you enter inside the component properties straight away.
    • Position modify: Now it possible to specify the components positions writing them directly.
  • Bug founded
    • The "Invert Normal" elaboration don't work fine. It will be fix for the next version.
  • Bug Fix
    • Solved a problem on the limited saving of the Cameras and Lights blocking parameters.
    • Various bugs deleted about the cameras rename.
    • Various bugs deleted about the object light manage inside the objects hierarchy.
    • Much more bugs deleted.
  • Improvement
    • Improved completely the material type code.
    • Improved the hierarchies manage! Now the insert of an object inside a hierarchy doesn't change the position and rotation.
  • Addition
    • Metal Brightness: It's a new General material Property through which improves the way metals reflect light. It's joined at different kind of materials which manage metals. (Strauss, Glass&Water, Blinn).
    • Energy Preserving: It's a new General material Property through which is able to preserve, in a natural and automatic manner, the quantity of energy that comes back from a material thanks to Diffuse, Specular and Opacity filter.
    • FallOff (Low, up limit): They are two new General material Properties through which is possible to have a better control on FallOff.
    • Reflectance Type: It's a new Reflection material Property which is able to specify the modality with which the surface reflects an environment. Now, also the others kind of materials can use the Fresnel factor.
  • Bug fixed the Crash when rename a material with Scene Environment map shared.
  • Now also the object special Pivot could be select in the views.
  • Bug fixed the Now3D freeze in loading a Scene with a HDR file moved (or deleted).
  • Improved the Antialiasing! Now the Antialiasing has just a property (Threshold) with only three values (Low, Medium and High).
  • The Scene Environmental maps now can be shared with the materials! It's enough to use the new material property : "Use Scene map"
  • New object type: Pivot. This special object can be used in the construction of a hierarchy for change the fulcrum of the object rotation.
  • Revisited the object property: AmbientColor. Now it works better.
  • Added the searching of wrong Path. At the scene loading if a texture was put in a folder different from the previous one, will be ask to search the file.
  • Added the Material Properties window. Here is possible to assign or detach the material in different manner.
  • Improved the "Auto Alignment" of all the windows. After you have installed this release, to the Now3D loading the "Auto Alignment" will be execute automatically.
  • Added a new Now3D Preference: "Show ToolTips". The ToolTips on more detailed objects decelerate the screen refresh, through this option can be disabled it.
  • Now the access to the properties of each object type (Cameras, Lights, Objects), can be achieved using the popup menu inside the 4 views.
  • N3DObjViewer. Objects Viewer.
  • Now Now3D is also in Italian!!! At the moment of loading it will be used the system language automatically (if it started off in Italian). To come back to the English version you have to modify the preferences menu impostations.
  • Now the Environmental map of HDR type (see news of the 03/12/2001) which is used in the Material (Environmental Tab) uses a new method to prefilter the loaded map, as a result  it is possible to render it visible also in the ZPhong modality!!! (Based on the work of Ravi Ramamoorthi and Pat Hanrahan. Prefilter Environment Map)
  • Added the Tooltips on all the elements (objects, lights and cameras) inner to the four views. That's enough to move over an element to keep vision of the name name pointed by the mouse.
  • Now it is possible to specify the section ray and inner ray of the Torus.
  • Revisited completely the window for add an object to the scene (primitive).
  • Improved the Lights and Cameras connection code with the respective representatives objects.
  • Now also the Cameras and Lights have the possibility to block positions and rotations (see properties of these elements).
  • For whoever uses the Now3D DLL now exists a new method of the CN3DPrimitive class: Torus_Ex
  • Various bug fixed.
  • Now you can use less of two lights in the material previewing.
  • Improved the way for selection the objects, lights and cameras. Now a double-click on one of the four views (Preview, Front, Top, Right) for do a selection. There is only a rotation problem of the virtual camera in the case of Z angle rotation.
  • Bug fix the Blinn and Oren in the Global Illumination.
  • Improved the Blinn. Now altering the "Fresnel Ior" is possible to simulate the car surface!
  • Added a new material : Velvet.
  • Improved the glass (now the glass is photorealistic!).
  • Also the Glass&Water material now is linked to the "Fresnel Ior" property.
  • Added the light dispersion in the glass. It adds photorealism to the pictures, but it multiplies the rendering time.
  • Added the following material properties : "TwoSide" (for manage the color of opacity on one or two sides), "Attenuation Type" (type of attenuation of the light).
  • Improved the density property of the trasparent objects.
  • Improved Now3D code.
  • Improved the Global Illumination.
  • Added the Light attenuation. Thank to the Distance property it's possible to modify how light influence the Scene.
  • At last I have implemented the file HDR loading. Like the most famous LightWave now also Now3D is capable to manage environment pictures with a never seen color precision! To download .hdr sample file I suggest Light Probe Image Gallery. Here you can find other useful links : Rendermania.
  • Now the HyperTexture manage also the Reflections and the Environmental diffusion.
  • Added the picture and hdr file preview. It's enough loading an image and selecting again the property.
  • The exposition to the Camera has been improved a lot.
  • Finally the Blinn has been added. Using "Index of Refraction" and "Metalness" to modify the visual properties of the Shader.
  • The following primitives have been added : Disk, Disk Perfect, Cylinder Perfect.
  • The Shadows in the HyperTexture have been restored.
  • New version of N3DMatViewer. To be capable to manage the Now3D Materials libraries.
  • Added the futures to import 3ds files and materials (without the Texture and some particular 3DStudio Max materials) in Plug-In Import.
  • Improved N3DProperties control.
  • Menu rebuilding.
  • Added the environmental map visualization in the QuickPhong too.
  • Improved Gouraud, QuickPhong and ZPhong modes.
  • Scene loading bug fixing.
  • Now the Zoom Angle has been correct.
  • Fixed the environmental maps orientation.
  • Added the maps environmental property : MirrorX.
  • Added the environmental map visualization in the ZPhong too.
  • Now the Camera Zoom can be changed directly in the Perspective window.
  • Improved the volumetric objects in the Global Illumination.
  • Optimized the memory management by the use of a cache of pictures.
  • Improved the interface.
  • Improved the environmental pictures management (Diffuse, Reflect, Environment).
  • Note about the Now3D DLL : New Class CN3DEnvironment.
  • Now is possible to rotate the Environment Maps.
  • Improved the Environmental Maps picture modality! The results are similar to the more famous Arnold Rendering (See the skulls of the Gallery Image Based)
  • Implemented the Camera rotation on Z axle.
  • Improved the ZPhong representation on the trasparent objects.
  • Added a new Volumetric HyperTexture Type. This Shader uses the Noise like density function.
  • New HyperTexture property : Volumetric Shadow. It enables the Shadows inside a Volume.
  • Added two new Noise property : Up and Down. They check the least and maximum Noise value.
  • This new release should have fixed some bug during the Now3D execution.
  • Bug Fix on Noise type Bump Mapping!
  • New Material Type: Oren-Nayar.
  • Now an Object Light can have a Material. As, the image DiffuseLab24 of the "Global Illumination" Gallery, can be elaborated in less time. Only one Light Object suffices (instead of three) with one Texture.
  • Improved the Direct Light (Light Object).
  • Now the Plug-In "Import" load better the WaveFront hierarchies objects.
  • Improved the Maps Pattern.
  • Improved the Hierarchies : now the Scale affect to all the hierarchy.
  • New Object property : "Affect Children". Used to affect some properties and methods of an Object Father to all his Sons.
  • Now the not volumetrics objects (ie. Plane) management the transparencies.
  • Improved ClipBoard Management in the N3DProperties.
  • Now the RayTracing Size has been moved from the Scene Options to the Cams properties.
  • More Camera management. Added the Camera property "Use with RayTracing", to set which Camera will be used in the RayTracing.
  • Now the hierarchy objects can be based on Light Object.
  • HyperTexture. My release of most famous LightWave6 HyperVoxel. Ken Perlin studies based.
  • Fixes bugs in the Scene Loading.
  • Added other objects in the Material Preview (Cubic, Cylinder).
  • N3DMatViewer. Materials Viewer.
  • Added the Object Visible property.
  • New Noise : Fbm, Cellular, Dented, Leopard, Checker.
  • Added the Perfect Plane.
  • Modified the Opacity property to a Color.
  • Added the Cubic map for Environment (Scene) and DiffuseEnvironment, Reflect (Material).
  • Improved the Probe (or Sphere) type Map.
  • Improved the lights management for the metallic materials.
  • Savings of all light properties linked to an Light Object.
  • Changed the Maps Value property.
  • New primitive : GeoSphere.
  • Added the Map Value to the Environment and to the DiffuseMap.
  • New MapType FallOff for : Specular, Glossy, Opacity, LightMap.
  • Speeded the Code and recompiler in VisualBasic6.
  • BugFix a problem in the Scene Loading.
  • Actually Now3D supports metal materials, based on Paul Strauss (Silicon Graphics!) algorithms.
  • Added the Metalness property.
  • Now (only for Metals) it doesn't need to change the Diffusion and the Specular Coefficient properties, you need only alter the Glossy to obtain any kind of metals.
  • Is possible load the omnidirectional maps (Spherical option for the maps: Environment, Diffuse-Enviroment, Reflect)! The State of Art in Computer Graphics. These maps are Paul Debevec (Berkeley University) studies based.
  • Note about the Now3D DLL : the SpecExpon property has been replaced with the Smoothness property (range from 0 to 1).
  • Improved the N3DProperties control.
  • Improved the Total Internal Refraction (Glass Objects).
  • Optimized the use of the Mouse.
  • New RayTracing Antialiasing modalities.
  • Added the option "Center To Object" to center a view (Front, Right and Top) on the selected object.
  • Optimized the use of the Mouse in the Views.
  • Now the image doesn't flicker more!
  • Speedup the RayTracing.
Now3D is came back! Here the News :
  • Use of a new class (CN3DTexture) to contain the Materials Pictures.
  • Optimized some code areas.
  • Added the Now3D ScreenSaver.
  • Added the Map Diffuse Environment (use a map for the calculate the Global Illumination).
  • Added the Diffuse Environment parameter : Normal = RayTracing Global Illumination; Picture = Only the Diffuse Environment Map; Both = RayTracing and  Diffuse Environment Map.
  • Added a new Scene option, the Environment Map.
  • Actually is not allowed create hierarchy objects using light objects.
  • Improved the Global Illumination (diffuse light).
  • Increased the Interface Look with a control reBar, downloaded from the vbAccelerator site.
  • Added two new Parametric Texture of Noise type : Wood and Marble.
  • Added the Diffuse Filter.
  • Now the JPG Saving is perfect.
  • Removed the Flat modality!
  • Now the PlugIn ObjbyPath run again!
  • Added the ReflectMapping (Allowed for the modalities Zphong and RayTracing and also in the Reflection Distribution).
  • Added the ReflectMapping type : Environment, Spherical.
  • Updated the Reflect parameter from Boolean to the type : None = No Glare; Normal = RayTracing Reflection ; Picture = Only the ReflectMap; Both = RayTracing and ReflectMap.
  • From the previous version I have already implemented the N3DRender, a program to make only the RayTracing rendering, therefore to save resources.
  • Added property Noise MapType to the follow maps : Specular, Glossy, Opacity, Light.
  • Added a new RayTracing property : Antialiasing!
  • Updated the N3DProperties control with a new type of property through which to group properties : " Group ".
  • It fixes to the values of Light absorption and diffusion (Attention : the Lights values must be updated!).
  • Added the parameter Diffuse Coefficent (Kd) to the material.
  • Improved the diffuse light.
  • Improved the Light Objects.
  • Differentiated the insertion of the number of the Beams in the cases of Distributed RayTracing.
  • The Metallic type Material does not work.
  • Improved the behavior Video of the windows of Rendering (ScanLine and RayTracing).
  • Added the Map for the parameter Specular Exponent (Glossy).
  • Light type Objects Management (See the Light Object property in the Object). Then finally the Smooth Shadows!
  • Possibility to disable the Total Internal Refraction management (See the TIR property in the Options).
  • Separate management of the rays number for the direct light simulation (See the Shadow RayNumber property in the Options).
  • Added one better shadows management (See the ShadowColored property in the Options and Density in the Material).
  • Improved the insertion of the Material Specular Exponent and Specular Coefficient properties.
  • New Icon.
  • Added the possibility to modify the size of an Object through mouse and improved the management of the dimensions of it(see the Object Properties).
  • Finish the RayTracing distributed for : Reflection, Refraction and the Diffusion Light.
  • Less Bug.
  • More works in the PlugIn ObjbyPath.
  • Still better yield of the glass like objects.
  • Added the Perfect Sphere.
  • Adding ricorsive attenuation in the calculation of the Glares and the Refractions, with one rendered better than glass like objects.